Weekly Post

Hello cows and cow lovers! Beef master here, and its time for, drumroll please, THE NEW WEEKLY POST! Thank you, thanks you, our top story is; Cows, Why Do Indians Worship Them? Now, they say I’m obsessed with cows, but I don’t take it so far as to make them our OVERLORDS. Ok maybe thats an overstatement, but hey, give it a few years, and cows will rule. Mark my words. Ok going off topic, lets start with the Indians gods. Kamadhenu, the indian god of cows, is portrayed as a white cow with long loping ears and a big hump. I actually knew off hand that the Brahman, a type of cow, has a very, very, VERY, similar appearance. She is often shown accompanying the god Dattatreya. Pretty interesting stuff right? But we still have not awnsered the question. I give credit to the National Hindu Students Forum for giving me this info. I quote, “We do not worship cows, we respect them”

Now that still doesn’t answer our question. But they also told me this. “By honoring this gentle creautre, who gives more than she takes, we honor every living thing”. Now I dont know about you, but that really hit me. It made me feel guilty for eating or laughing at these gentle giants. I dont know why but thats really sad… She gives us ice cream, milk, yogurt, meat, the list goes on! But what do we give her? A pass to the slaughter house… Well thats our show! I hope you enjoyed and will convert to Hinduisim after this talk! Later guys!


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