Cow Stories Pt.1

Hello everyone, Beefmaster here, and sorry for no cow facts today or yesterday but i needed to make, THIS! A cow story! So enjoy! Ahem…

One day on the farm, the cows had enough. They saw cows being dragged to slaughter for the last time! The cows’ leader, Buttercup, jumped up on the hay and said, “We must fight back!” “For too long have we been slaughtered!” “It’s time to take a stand!” Everyone listened because the “steaks” were so high. Then they came… the farmer held a knife… he was followed by his evil cronies… “CHARGE!” Buttercup shouted! “Wha…” the farmer said, before being drowned wave after wave of cows. Then they heard neighbors’ screams… followed by sirens….

Enjoyed it? Well there’s more than that on my birthday and every Wednesday! Later guys!

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