Hello everyone, Beefmaster here, and I’m sorry there have been no posts lately but I’ve been very busy. Anyhow here’s a cow special!

First up, a cow story! {Extra Long}

The cops began to pull up, surrounding the cows, but they never lost hope. The order was given to turn cows into whoppers. Enforced by the might, of 10,000 coppers. Then the cows charged, and the more cops guns they took, the stronger they were. The cops fell back and sent in swat. Now it may seem the cows are dead the second a helicopter pulls up, however, Buttercup came up riding on a group of chickens, and as soon as they took the chopper, it was all over, the cows then rode, flew, and charged to freedom in the Galapagos. The end. I’ll do more tomorrow. Later guys!


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