Cow Facts and Story!

Hello guys! I’m supposed to do a special today, so here are some Cow Facts and a story! So Cow Facts number 1 2 3 etc, Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies then humans, a maverick is a cow who escaped getting branded, and a cows heart beats between 60 to 70 beats a minute. May not seem impressive, but this things the father of all McDonalds, so yeah.

And for the story, A new one called Cow Revolution, 1668! King George sat on his throne, pondering over the pesky cows. He let them go, and now they destroy his tea shipments! “Outrageous!” his top advisor, Henry said. We must retaliate! Meanwhile in Amoorica, the newly arrived Cows were making a deal with the Native Amooricans. “Offer rejected.” the chief said, as he raised his hand and many archers came out of the trees…

Well that’s all! Later Guys!


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