No More Mr. Lazy Cow

Well I messed up… typically I should remember this right? Anyway i will get a special done or die trying!
I’m not sure how I will die, but i assure you, I will! Wait, i just got a call from CEO. He says i can’t die on the show, so yeah… COMMERCIAL BREAK! Ha! Not dead! Anyway, ill start with a story…. A true one!
DUH DUH DUNNNNNNNNNNNN! These storys will be frequent but short! And were off!…..

Welp, Jack dun goofed… He was the writer of the Barnyard Bugle, and he was gonna be fired! He did nap for, was it 8 days now?, though. If Jack loses this job, the moffia won’t get their money, and it would be bye, bye, Jack… then he heard a knock on the door, and he knew they had come…

Ok guys, now i will be frequent, and the special is just a load of posts… so as always, this has been Beefmaster, Cya guys!


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