I Am On It!

Just to prove I’m working on a post, here is it so far!

I finally got to go to that farm! We saw lots of cows, and believe it or not, cows are a lot bigger up close.
We got to see cows get milked and eat, pee and poo, you name it, we saw it. Basically my teacher Mrs.Northouse
Decided to get me and my family to a farm to see cows. She picked this farm, The Lawlers Farm, because of the robotics used there. This nice family and their bovine band prove not all farmers are cruel to there cows!

The milking machine was quite interesting, the cows, were lured there with food, and milked. If they just got milked it would kick them out. Rose, a jersey/black baldy mix, (My personal favorite) Tried to go in 3 different times while we were there!


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