Cows, Cows, And Cows,

Hello everyone, Beefmaster here, and I’ve arrived in Canada! The trek was long, but were finally here!
So, so far we haven’t seen cows, but as you all know, cow spotters don’t give up! So heres some entertainment for those that don’t care about my real life whatsoever, and those who are just bored!

Dinosaurs. They died. Its a fact. But did you think about the cows that lived then, among the dinos?
Oh… cows didn’t live back then? Well up yours buddy! I’m the reporter, I decide when cows lived or not, or if the news is right or wrong! WE CLEAR? I THOUGHT SO. NOW LETS CARRY ON LOYAL AND NOT EVIL VIEWERS. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, SINCE WHEN DOES THE NEWS TELL THE TRUTH? Oh. Just edit that part out. Wait were live? Um… I was just joking loyal and not evil viewers? Yeah, that sounds semi-possible… NO WE WILL NOT CUT THE SHOW, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, Lets begin, NEXT TIME! WOAAHHHH CLIFFHANGER! WILL I REMEMBER OR NOT! STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!

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