Hello everyone! BeefMaster here, and i just want to remind you the NSA is always watching… Anyway, DINO TIME!
DUNH NUNH A NUNH NA DUNH A DUNH WOOOH! So let’s grab our sodas, find our remotes, and ACTION!

Scene 1 The Cows

Moolicks ran through the jungle. Faster, faster, faster, a voice in his head kept saying, but he knew he had no chance, he jumped into the brush, and they ran right past him. Suddenly they stopped. The alpha male raised his neck, and, and, NO, NO, IT’S TOO HORRIBLE! HE LET OUT AN ADORABLE SQUEAK! DUNH DUNH DUNHHHH!
The alpha guinea pig ran straight to his bush! Then he made a more hostile sound, and growled, as all the pigs circled the bush, Moolicks’ time was running out….

Well everyone, look out for scene two! And as always, later guys!


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