Dino-Mite! 2

Hello everyone, BeefMaster here, And its time for some pretty epic Dino action! So without further adue, lets begin!

Scene 2 Tauruzan

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tauruzan half shouted/half screamed. The… the… the… he wasn’t sure what it was to be honest, but it wasn’t good, he knew that… maybe he knew that. Anyway, it was coming closer to him! Then he got stuck on a branch… He tried to free himself but it was no use… The thing was coming closer, and closer, and closer, The he heard it, the call of a… A… A BLOODTHIRSTY SLOTH! “Raaarrrghhhh!” He screamed as he fell to the forest floor, But he couldn’t help thinking that he could have tamed that mighty beast as he did so.

Ok everyone, you know the drill, look out for Scene 3, and as always, later guys!


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