Dino-Mite! 2

Hello everyone, BeefMaster here, And its time for some pretty epic Dino action! So without further adue, lets begin!

Scene 2 Tauruzan

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Tauruzan half shouted/half screamed. The… the… the… he wasn’t sure what it was to be honest, but it wasn’t good, he knew that… maybe he knew that. Anyway, it was coming closer to him! Then he got stuck on a branch… He tried to free himself but it was no use… The thing was coming closer, and closer, and closer, The he heard it, the call of a… A… A BLOODTHIRSTY SLOTH! “Raaarrrghhhh!” He screamed as he fell to the forest floor, But he couldn’t help thinking that he could have tamed that mighty beast as he did so.

Ok everyone, you know the drill, look out for Scene 3, and as always, later guys!



Hello everyone! BeefMaster here, and i just want to remind you the NSA is always watching… Anyway, DINO TIME!
DUNH NUNH A NUNH NA DUNH A DUNH WOOOH! So let’s grab our sodas, find our remotes, and ACTION!

Scene 1 The Cows

Moolicks ran through the jungle. Faster, faster, faster, a voice in his head kept saying, but he knew he had no chance, he jumped into the brush, and they ran right past him. Suddenly they stopped. The alpha male raised his neck, and, and, NO, NO, IT’S TOO HORRIBLE! HE LET OUT AN ADORABLE SQUEAK! DUNH DUNH DUNHHHH!
The alpha guinea pig ran straight to his bush! Then he made a more hostile sound, and growled, as all the pigs circled the bush, Moolicks’ time was running out….

Well everyone, look out for scene two! And as always, later guys!

Cows, Cows, And Cows,

Hello everyone, Beefmaster here, and I’ve arrived in Canada! The trek was long, but were finally here!
So, so far we haven’t seen cows, but as you all know, cow spotters don’t give up! So heres some entertainment for those that don’t care about my real life whatsoever, and those who are just bored!

Dinosaurs. They died. Its a fact. But did you think about the cows that lived then, among the dinos?
Oh… cows didn’t live back then? Well up yours buddy! I’m the reporter, I decide when cows lived or not, or if the news is right or wrong! WE CLEAR? I THOUGHT SO. NOW LETS CARRY ON LOYAL AND NOT EVIL VIEWERS. I MEAN SERIOUSLY, SINCE WHEN DOES THE NEWS TELL THE TRUTH? Oh. Just edit that part out. Wait were live? Um… I was just joking loyal and not evil viewers? Yeah, that sounds semi-possible… NO WE WILL NOT CUT THE SHOW, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, Lets begin, NEXT TIME! WOAAHHHH CLIFFHANGER! WILL I REMEMBER OR NOT! STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!

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Road Trip!

Road, Road, Road, Road, Road
When I’m on the Road, I see stuff going by. When I’m on the road,
Road, with a bug in my eye! Road, Road, Road
When I’m on the road,
Looks like clear skies ahead.
When I’m on the road,
Please stop touching my head.
Lets all sing the road song
[Clap, clap.]
I want to sing it all day long.
Lets all sing the road song [Clap, clap.]
Lets all sing… alooooooooooooooooooooooong! Road, Road, Roaddddddddd!

From MetroLyrics

Hello everyone! I’m going to Canada! There will be highs and lows, storms and suns, and of course, lots and lots of cows! I’m on the lookout for loyal fan applications to become part time posters once again! Send in pictures of the elusive Quebec Cow, or Canadian Cow! These bad boys inhabit Canada, especially Quebec! So, as always, later guys!

Posts, The Post Of All Posts With Only This Post At The Moment But Whatever

Hello everyone, BeefMaster here, and time for a Police Brutality Story! (P.S. BASED OF A REAL COW ESCAPING, RUNNING AWAY AND BEING SHOT AT THE IRONIC LOCATION)

“Al Most There!” “Boom!” Moola said, as he escaped out of his cage. And he ran, and ran, and ran, all the way to Mcdonalds… a gun shot echoed through the air and Moola fell to the ground… later that day, the cows rebelled, mooing as loud as possible, mourning there fallen brother, who died that day…

Any way looks like were out of paper, so i guess this is



Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting, but I’m working on my coding skills!
Anyway, here’s a, QUICK QUACK NEWS FLASH!(Duck/Cow incidents)

“When the duck eats, the cow eats.”

Translation: Lorsque le canard mange, la vache mange. Boom! French!

For more info, check out this sick, mutilated video, that you should all click dislike, and beat the 661 idiots, murderers, animal abusers, and ducks not very smart, thinking its a memorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saOOn2G16gE