Hello cow lovers! Beef Master here! Number 1 reporter here in Moo York! Our top story is;

Cows, How To Be A Cannibal And Skinny At The Same Time: Now many of you are evil psychotic cow eating monsters, and some of you are saying you’re fat. Now you mosolikely are NOT fat because the typical human doesn’t consume enough McDonalds to grow really fat. But you’re still on a guilt trip. So wanna eat psychotically and good at the same time? Try this beef to be beautiful! Scotl’nd! Bloody amazing ain’t it? Sorry if you were offended by my accent, but I know some who definitely was. Meet the highlands cow! I can’t get you a picture, but if you saw one you would suffocate it with hugs and, your mine nows! This things my favorite cow, am I right fellas? Wink wink. Wait did I say it out loud? Never mind that, this thing has a lot less fat. But looks like my time is up or my boss just is silently mouthing my time was up half an hour ago for no reason. So recap: Scotland Highland is healthy cow a to eat. Later guys!