Sleeping Highlands Bull

Hi Beefmaster! Might ye have any interest in a picture of your favorite breed?Sleeping Highlands Bull


Reach in a Cow, and Do What You Got To Do…

First, allow me to thank our supreme leader, Beef Master, for the invitation to help administer the Moo York Times! It is a privilege and honor. With great power comes great responsibility, and I promise to abuse that responsibility!

Now… on to business. While the Beef Master and Udderly Impossible were busy fawning over our cute, enslaved brethren at a local dairy farm last week. I was conducting some much needed recon and paying special attention to how cows are used to fuel us and our economy. If there’s money to be had, man will find a way to have it. Now, it appears that some cow scientists are taking this to a whole new level with a process called Embryo Transfer (ET).

Embryo Transfer (ET) is the process by which embryos from show cows – the best of the best – are… you guessed it… transferred to other surrogate cows. These poor surrogate cows go through the drudgery of pregnancy, so the prima donna show cows don’t have to, and they can stay busy doing what they do – looking glamorous!

Perhaps more importantly, if we consider that a cow can typically carry one embryo at a time, we realize that we may be waiting a long time for the world to be populated with these elite specimen. Enter the magic of “hormone therapy.” A little injection, yadda yadda yadda, and we’ve got cows that can carry upwards of 80 to 90 embryos! These embryos are “extracted” and shipped off to unsuspecting cows all across the world. Domestically, the new born calves are typically used as the matriarchs and patriarchs for new stock. Abroad, these calves are coveted because over a century of intelligent design has resulted in American cows being the top dairy and beef producers in the world.

 “It seems so routine to me now — when you just reach in a cow and do what you got to do,” Pugh chuckles. “And she’s kind of an old pro. She just walked in here and stood.” – Dr. Michael Pugh, Westwood Embryo Services

So, the next time you catch a glimmer of an exquisite cow out of the corner of your eye, you may think twice about how he or she came to be.

To find out more, read: America’s Elite Cows Don’t Give Birth…

New System!

Hello everyone, Beefmaster here, and I’d like to discuss a new system we have here at the Moo York Times!

Now, you can submit storys to me and Mootinus,(now an admin!) and if we like them, we can have them published!
Only certain people can do this so let me know if you wanna register! To do so, leave a comment with a account as advanced as Lynne(in the comments sometimes) and ill send you a message like this: Hey! I have this new idea! Now you, and many others can submit blog posts! If I like them, you may be able to see your post among mine and many others! Hope you like it!

If you’d like to apply for staff, a similar thing will happen, however I’ll ask to interview you.

You, once having this feature will be able to personally notify me or any other admin, and ~Viola’! We’ll check it out!

Thats all for today guys! Hope you like it!

I Am On It!

Just to prove I’m working on a post, here is it so far!

I finally got to go to that farm! We saw lots of cows, and believe it or not, cows are a lot bigger up close.
We got to see cows get milked and eat, pee and poo, you name it, we saw it. Basically my teacher Mrs.Northouse
Decided to get me and my family to a farm to see cows. She picked this farm, The Lawlers Farm, because of the robotics used there. This nice family and their bovine band prove not all farmers are cruel to there cows!

The milking machine was quite interesting, the cows, were lured there with food, and milked. If they just got milked it would kick them out. Rose, a jersey/black baldy mix, (My personal favorite) Tried to go in 3 different times while we were there!

Its Time!

You may be wondering why i haven’t posted lately. Recently its been because in just a few minutes, I am going to a cow farm! I don’t have time to get into details, but I’ll have a post bout my time there!

Louis Pasteur; The Hero Of Cows

Hello everyone! Beefmaster here, and here’s a report i typed up in school, on Louis Pasteur. Hope you enjoy!

Louis Pasteur. He was quite a man. In fact, without him, we would have no ice cream. Well we would, but it would be bad for you. Well it is, but this could make you DIE. Think of that next time you munch on some ice cream!

Now let’s begin…

Louis Pasteur was born 1822, on December 27th, in Dole France. When Pasteur was 28, he got a science degree. He then started to teach physics and chemistry. Pasteur took the entrance test twice at college. He was already good enough the first time, but not for himself. The second try, he got the 4th highest score! One day he was approached by a winemaker, who said his wine was turning sour! The culprit, was mini microbes. Though the yeast fermented it, the microbes turned it sour. They were like anti yeast! This led Louis Pasteur to discover the process of pasteurization; Heating alcohol to destroy the microbes inside it. Soon, the government of France asked him for help. You guessed it! They wanted some healthy ice cream. Oh… they just wanted his help with the livestock of France dropping dead. That’s cool too I guess… Anyway, the cause was bacteria. And he found out how to make a vaccine; A type of medicine that prevents sickness. He found out that an animal only gets a sickness once, than its done with that type of bacteria. So he came up with the idea of getting an animal a healthy version of the sickness, so they couldn’t get it again.

So now you know who invented those horrible shots you get at the doctor. WAIT A MINUTE… THOSE POOR 1800 FOOLS! Anyway, I hope you now realize how important this person was, even if he invented the shot! (Also, just in case, he saved millions of cow lives. Just a thought.)